About Plan Q and ELIZABETH DOUGHERTY freelance writing

Welcome to Plan Q! This is where I jot it all down, sum it all up, get it all out of my head.

On most days, trying to balance all the necessary elements of life, all the spinning plates, whips me right past plan A, and usually past plans B and C pretty fast, too.  “Plan Q” may be theoretical, but it’s also become a title, a mantra, and a more than okay place to end up.

Plan Q chronicles real-life experiences and viewpoints — funny, stressful, tearful, mundane — and how they all tie together to define our lives. Sometimes I throw some fiction, too.  I hope these pieces make you laugh, cry, feel, think, and wonder. That’s what writing and reading do for me, so if I can pass on any of that, then all the twists and turns that land me at Plan Q are more than worth it!

Elizabeth Dougherty is a freelance writer in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Her first novel is now available on Amazon in paperback and digital format.  Click here to take a look: A Robin’s Pageant

She has worked in newspaper journalism, public relations, and corporate communications. Her essays have appeared in the Philly.com “Why I Run”    series, Woodstock Magazine, Northwest Baby&Child, and on the Baby Merlin Company site, as well as other locally-oriented publications and blogs.  She’s available for content writing and consulting, copy editing, manuscript work, and creative writing. For more information, email her at jimbethowen@gmail.com or connect on Facebook.




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