Mad Mother Marches Into Movie Theater

Happy New Year, everyone! Enjoy my latest post from the Baby Merlin Company blog.   A few weeks ago, my youngest child, aged thirteen, put together a plan to go to the movies with a friend. It would mark the first time Katie was going to a movie sans adult. She’s a smart and careful... Continue Reading →


Clearing the Cobwebs

Halloween 2018: Only one out of three kids will be trick-or-treating tonight, and it may be the last time altogether. We almost never know when it's the last time for anything, but I think that's usually a good thing. A memory popped into my head a few minutes ago as I was scrubbing my oven.... Continue Reading →

Benefit Book Signing — October 23

I will be doing a book signing for A Robin's Pageant during the annual book sale hosted by the Lionville School of Dance competition team. Tuesday, October 23 4:30-6:30 Lionville School of Dance 11 S. Village Ave., Exton, PA 19341 (same building as the Lionville Fire Co.) I'd love to see you there! All proceeds... Continue Reading →

Oh Honey, Who’s Looking At You?

Kelly Corrigan is one of my favorite people – at least one paper. I don’t know her personally, but as a writer she is honest and self-revealing, she zeros in on the essentials with humor and grace. We grew up in generally the same era, and she writes eloquently about family and motherhood, which is... Continue Reading →

Joy Class

During these last few weeks of summer, I've been trying to do more and think less, to be a woman of action instead of analysis. This is not my natural state, but I keep telling myself I'll have time to sort out and contemplate later. No matter how long the school summer break can feel... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Learned From Eating Olives

This piece first appeared on The Baby Merlin Company site. Please see below for a link to the original post. Each year, when summer hits the doldrums of August, and every day seems to stretch out in front of us, languid and hot, I remember that this endlessness is false. In a blink it will... Continue Reading →

My Heart, Driving Around Outside My Body

This post first appeared on the Baby Merlin Company blog (see link below for more info). It’s 8:03 am.  In a half hour I’ll be taking seventeen-year-old Owen to take his driver’s test.  He’s ready.  He’s done his behind the wheel hours, learned how to parallel park, driven at night, driven in the rain and... Continue Reading →

Curb Alert!

Nursing glider, sixteen years old, clean, in good working condition… People around here have the habit of putting unneeded things at the curb or ends of their driveways, sometimes with a sign that says FREE, sometimes unaccompanied. And we have a regular junk man in a rattling green pickup who trolls the neighborhood streets of... Continue Reading →

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